Friday, June 29, 2007

Greens to boring?

We all need our vegetables. But, let's face it, we also know that the most important kind - the green ones - can be a bit boring and bland. So, for a drastic increase in your veggie intake, here's an easy and tasty way to do it:

green smoothies!
The cool thing about these is that you mix veggies in a blender with fruit, and the taste of the fruit actually overrides the veggies. So it doesn't taste too vegetable-y. It's a double win - treat like and the healthiest! Hopefully you can put more veggies in than fruit with your own creativity and imagination. Here's some recipe ideas to get you started.
-3 cups water
-half a head of dino kale
-a good handful of spinach
-1 small to medium zucchini
-1 apple
-1/2 cup frozen pineapple
-1/4 cup lemon juice
Blend all ingredients until COMPLETELY liquefied.
-1 quarter to 1 half fresh pineapple
-3 leaves of Kale - I use deep green "dino" kale, deveined
-1 ripe banana (can use frozen)
-4 fresh mint leaves, optional-to taste
-1 quarter to 1 half inch of fresh ginger root (can use dry), to taste
-2 to 4 cups water
Place all ingredients in blender.
Start out with only enough water to cover everything about half-way (allows it to blend to a creamy consistancy)
After all creamy, add more water to get to the thickness you prefer.
-3 bosc pears
-1 handful of raspberries
-4-5 leaves of kale
Blend and drink.
-1/2 cup fresh squeezed orange juice or peeled oranges
-2 Peaches (fresh or frozen)
-Huge handful of spinach
-1 cup ice
Blend and drink.
-Three large tomatoes
-chunked1 cup pineapple cut up
-Three large leaves red kale
-1-2 cups ice
Blend and drink.
-4 cups of grapes
-2 cups of mangoes
-8-10 leaves of kale
-1-2 cups ice
Blend and drink.
Raw Vegetable Smoothie
* 1 - 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice OR balsamic vinegar* 4 tablespoons picante salsa* 1 cup raw broccoli* 1 raw tomato, quartered* 1/2 raw carrot, cut into 1-inch pieces* 1 cup raw kale, or any leafy green* 1 - 2 cloves raw garlic* 1/2 cup raw hulled sunflower seeds* 1/2 cup raw un-hulled sesame seeds* 1 - 2 slices onion
Start by pouring liquid ingredients (lemon juice, salsa) into blender. Add remaining ingredients and blend until texture is that of a creamy milkshake.
Now play around with it. There's a million other combinations. Use berries, spices. . .go nuts. Have fun and enjoy.

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