Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wanna stare at some food?

You know you wanna.

It's a common myth that a vegan is deprived. Sometimes I am even stunned to hear people go so far as to say "nutrient-deprived" as it is well known that fruits and vegetables are the most nutrient dense foods. It makes me want to take them by the hand and treat them to dinner and let them indulge in what we do have, which is essentially everything without the animal products. And artery clogging cholesterol. And saturated fats. But since I can't take everyone who subscribes to the myths and stereotypes out to dinner, pictures are certainly the next best thing. If you ever knew a vegan, you'd notice they are probably very enthusiastic about food. Feast your eyes. There's a reason. And it's not only better health.

As a sidenote, I find that is an excellent resource for veggie restaurants in and around your area if you're on the go or feel like a nice meal out.

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